A Way To Smash

A Way To Smash is not just fighting, where you kill enemies and fight opponents. Each level here is the real puzzle! The…
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A Way To Smash is not just fighting, where you kill enemies and fight opponents. Each level here is the real puzzle! The game is a unique genre where 3d action and logic are mixed together. A SEA OF CONTENT 150 varied levels and fights with enemies of different complexity are waiting for you. Complete all puzzles! Master your tactic and logic skills or experience the beauty of action games using a solid combat arsenal - you choose the strategy to win! CHARACTERS You can play as a viking, a hitman or even a samurai from the world of cyberpunk. And that’s not all of the available characters! Earn points for each battle and unlock more of them. Each character has a unique appearance and a weapon. Take a gun, a bat or a sword to attack your enemies and make your fights unforgettable! A UNIQUE GAMEPLAY A strategy and logic is all you need to win, but if you’re tired of puzzles and just want to have a good fight in the arena - don’t worry! Use free powers to pass any difficult battle and enjoy realistic physics of fights! FIGHTING TECHNIQUE Choose different characters and get new guns to your arsenal. All characters have their own free abilities. You can shoot, use a shield or kill several enemies at once, be it a boss or a common opponent, and a samurai lets you be invisible like a ninja, so the enemies don’t react after your turn. BOOSTERS AND ASSISTANCE Diversify your games using one of the powers, which impact on the game is hard to exaggerate: if you have a bomb - make a blast, and the power “Path” will show you the way to win the battle. Earn money fighting enemies, get powers and use free characters abilities! USER-FRIENDLY Fast learning lets you get used to the game, and if you just search for simple relaxing games then A Way To Smash is the best option among lots of fighting games, because you can fight enemies with no internet in offline mode. You will have a good time even without wifi! GRAPHICS Dive into the 3d world where nothing can distract you from fighting. Incredible sound effects, realistic fight physics and high-quality animation will make you feel satisfied in this wonderful fighting game. A Way To Smash is free and suitable for devices with no internet. An improved version of beloved A Way to Slay from the creators of Glory Ages: Samurais and Slash of Sword.
Genre:Puzzle, Strategy
Release:May 24, 2023
Updated:Jul 21, 2023
Size:230.2 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal