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    I have been an apple device user since the beginning and I am thinking about getting a galaxy s7 and moving to android as the iPhone 7 doesn't bring anything new.

    I constantly delete games and reinstall them at later dates so games which sync save progress to Game Center and have cloud is really good as they allow me to continue progress when you reinstall the game (Like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans).

    Another game I like is Dream League Soccer, on iPhone it saves to your progress to the cloud drive. So how do features like this function on Android as they don't have iCloud and Game Center?

    Thanks in advanced
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    On android, there's Google Play Games, not positive if the data is saved there. Also it depends on the game whether they save it locally or on their servers.
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    on iCloud, there's an option to delete just the app, but retain the save data on iCloud? On an iOS device, it's only ever asked me to delete the app and all data (although I'm still on ios7).

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