A physics puzzle platformer inspired by Badland and Freeze!: "Circle in a Circle"

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    Jun 21, 2015
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    We have released a game on Android after being inspired by Badland, Freeze! and World of Goo.

    It's called Circle in a Circle: 2D Puzzler.


    Here's the play store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.applegloss.circlephysics

    It's about rolling a circle stuck inside a circular cavity to collect rings. After each ring, the outer circle expands, giving you more complex challenges and physics setups to solve. It's made to be relaxing and yet slightly frustrating at the same time.



    Here's a video too: https://youtu.be/kN12r-MGvCQ

    I would really appreciate any feedback or criticism.

    Thank you :)

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