The acclaimed action adventure game is now available for iPhone and iPad!

"You will love this game!"…
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The acclaimed action adventure game is now available for iPhone and iPad!

"You will love this game!" - Gaming Cypher - 9 / 10
"Great cartoon style visuals and fun effects!" - App Apes - 9 / 10
"A-Maze-In looks great and has quality!" - Indie Gamers - 8 / 10
"Great graphics and fun sounds!" - Tech Tudo - 9 / 10
"A maze game with a great story!" - Mac Sources - 8 / 10

Are you ready to take control of a wind breaking, fire belching teenage Minotaur in a quest to rescue his princess from the clutches of the evil Minotaur king?

Fight your way through 5 uniquely themed islands with 110+ treacherous mazes to escape. Overcome mythical monsters such as the Cyclops, Hydras and Centaurs, Greek warriors and deadly traps such as crumbling floors, flame throwers, floor spikes and giant boulders. Featuring 5 unique end of level boss encounters against the legends of Greek mythology such as Medusa and Cerberus the hell hound!

Use Mino’s special Minotaur abilities such as “force of nature” to break wind and stun enemies! Or drink fire potions and turn your enemies to ash using “fire belch”, sneak past the Harpies using Invisibility or wear magic armour to protect yourself from deadly Ooze attacks!


- 110+ unique and engaging mazes to explore.
- 5 distinct themes from Medusa’s underground lair to the Kraken’s watery tomb
- 40+ achievements
- 11 different enemies straight out of Greek legend to fight against, including, Harpies, Greek warriors, 3 headed Hydras, Cyclops and more!
- Epic boss fights!
- Great cartoon style visuals and fun effects! Stun enemies by breaking wind or destroy them by belching fire!
- Dangerous traps to avoid such as flamethrowers, crumbling floors, saw traps and giant boulders!
- Find and use magic portals, collect potions to power up Mino’s “special” abilities, locate keys to open up new areas and eat the bones of the dead to gain hearts and improve your score!
- Wonderful and immersive soundtracks.
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Dec 16, 2014
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Compatibility:HD Universal