Story one: tell a Pacific island residents, they are the descendants of the Mayans, the tradition of our ancestors remov…
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Story one: tell a Pacific island residents, they are the descendants of the Mayans, the tradition of our ancestors removed daily by ruby in front of the pyramid ritual, but they do not know the pyramid continues to send messages from outer space, in a certain night, time and space dark planet commanders came Cathiavar received the password, led his soldiers (machine spider) through a time tunnel to Earth by the Mayan pyramids, occupied the island, and is ready to occupy this island as a base to the earth, Get the mysterious planet can support life resources, they came to the island massacre of villagers, the villagers send SOS distress signal to the military, so the military command you accept the mission to save the island, to feel the thrill and excitement it Riot. The main task of the game is to find five stones, close temporal channels.
  Story two: one plan fails, Cathiavar Reconciled,he command his Bodyguard red & white ‘Shuangsha ’robot in ancient China a remote town in an attempt to get to object again in there, and now you're gonna be busy.
Story three: Finally you find them refining factories, they are under the guise of human beings an abandoned factory, in that mysterious substance extracted earth, and finally you go into action, get filled with mysterious substance Holy Grail!
Game scene is very beautiful, large scene as you ride, the left control keys to control the direction of movement, the right control keys to control the fire in any direction, the game is a lot of enemies, some apparent, some hidden, all you need to destroy them in order to find the whereabouts of precious stones game, in addition to a large number of spiders blew style, there are smart classic style artillery, as well as be able to bypass the obstacles spherical intelligent tracking aircraft, high IQ weapons very powerful red & white robots, task difficulty is very large, short will match wits with you.
Game to pass the time is definitely a weapon, is a good leisure products, the picture on the left of the control keys to control movement, the right to control shooting, shooting requires skill, need to know the player and the opponent's distance and angle as well as the opponent's status, etc. players do not too close nor too far away from the enemy, you can amuse them to play, they can also be killed. Finally, please pay attention to see help, and attention to our microblog.
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Jun 15, 2012
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