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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Paul@Tag, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Just to show its not the gamers that get to groan here's one from a developer...

    So we launch our new game All Stars Darts onto the App Store and it does real well in the first couple of days going top 30 in many European App Stores and top 75 in the US. The game hasn't cost a fortune to make but we plan to use any profits to add new features such as a tournament mode, new game rules and perhaps even online multi-player if we think people want it.

    All good? Well almost. It occurs to me that next to having a great game and great visibility the next most important factor is those first two or three reviews. All good in the UK and US where we have 5 reviews all at 5 stars but hang on what's this? The first review in France is some guy who has given one star and has left a review of less than ten words saying the game should be free!

    Well excuse me Mr Frenchman but no developer (even the home based guys) are charities. It takes a hell of an effort to make a game, and in some ways the simple ones can often be harder than the more complex ones. The game is only a dollar after all!!!

    Bottom line - iPhone gamers are spoilt for choice and right now are getting massive value for money. I've played darts games that don't come close to the playability and production values of All Stars Darts retailing for $35 on DS, $10 on mobile and even more on console! Don't let greed take over. If gamers demand free games then thats what you'll get - but don't expect any quality!

    I know I'm preaching to the converted here but just wanted to let off steam...
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    Why are u posting here mr. Paul? I don't see no Frenchmen here...
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    The thing I get paid for
    hmm the french

    Take what comes from france with a grain of salt. The french people dont even like the french. The love their cheese with lots of whine.
  4. Mahaa93

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    So what's the problem here??
  5. Obiter

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    Nov 23, 2008
    medical research into the mind of today's gamer
    high above the din
    You should invite the reviewer to send you more "input" on what he didn't like, then post his stupid and misinformed rant on your website. :)
  6. 1337brian

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    Oct 12, 2008
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    That must be frustrating, It is a great game and deff doesn't deserve 1 star...
  7. pablo19

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    Oct 26, 2008

    racist much? hope ur not american :p JK
  8. mek

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    how do you depise anyway?
  9. Killquake

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Must be a French word or something? haha :D
  10. CloneWars

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    One bad review isn't going to ruin your game
  11. it's something that happens when the S key sticks on your keyboard

    : P
  12. it looks like that guy's review has been removed
  13. mek

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    haha, yeah i figured...
    its always good to have a good laugh about the situation though
  14. thom-22

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    You're absolutely right, and I say that as a user only. I know I've gotten value well above what I've actually paid for app store games. I've never complained about a game price and have bought 4 games, I think, at the top $10 price. But there's not much we users can do about this situation. Hopefully it sorts itself out sooner rather than later, for both users' and devs' sakes.

    Sorry to hear about the bad French review, hopefully it won't hurt sales too much. I have seen similar things on the US app store, reviews saying a game should be free, and I'm sorry for the dev when those kinds of reviews skew their overall score. I often click the "Report" button on reviews that say nothing about the game but whine about the price.

    Good luck, Paul. Try not to let one bad review get you down.
  15. Paul@Tag

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    Oct 4, 2008
    Scotland, UK
    Nah the review is still there...

    "Nul!!!!" by Manu 31600
    Devrait ĂȘtre gratuit, et non payant!!!

    Frustrating after working so hard on something but unlikely to affect our sales too badly. Guess thats the trouble with an open platform and individual democracy anyone who pays for your content has the right to voice their opinion no matter how daft...

    Ok in the long run when you can't argue with a large majority of comments but early on it can be very damaging!!

    Anyway for those of you interested we will be launching a Christmas version of our hit puzzle/action game Rock'n'Roll this week... it features a special guest appearance by forum regulars Trent and Armbruster! In the spirit of Christmas we are going to give the game away free - our early present to all our new iPhone gaming friends.

    I'll post up here once I have a release date.

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    There's only Italian people here.
  17. istopmotion

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    Nov 21, 2008
    If you're serious about adding online gameplay, I'll recommend this game to everyone I know and probably make a review for it. Hopefully, that counts for something. :)
  18. crunc

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    Aug 11, 2008
    I looked at your app in the US AppArore and you've got a different problem there. In the listings it's showing up as 3 stars. I look at the reviews and there are three reviews, all of which give it 5 stars. What? The AppStore is still so completely broken.
  19. eeenmachine

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