1. Hello Guys at TouchArcade. If You love crossword Puzzles here is what you may need to learn, have fun and spare time

    What makes Word Smart Connect special?
    1- As a parent you should know that Word Smart Connect is an uncomplicated game, but still it's very challenging and has lots of fun and of course has no offensive or jeopardy content.
    This scrabble game will help develop your language skills as you advance in solving the crosswords puzzles.
    2-Word Smart Connect is a sort of brain exercises to improve memory or you can take it as memory training exercises in a scrabble word dictionary to become your own word scramble finder
    3- If you're a word finder and cross word lover then Word Smart Connect should be your wordscape to relax while having fun.
    4- Either you or your child can absorb the jumbled alphabet to form meaningful words in this way you can get out of the brain cage.
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  2. hello everyone,
    guys this is my first app, can you support me please
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  3. Martyna

    Martyna Member

    Nov 17, 2020
    It seems to be great app, all 102 ratings are real?!
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  4. thank you very Mrtyna for the reply
    yeah they're real comments and real installs,and i need just support as it's my first app.please support me if you can
    thank you very much

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