99Games’ Upcoming Word Game ‘Wordulous’ Hands-on Preview

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    Jan 16, 2009
    [​IMG]India-based 99Games, the developer of the highly popular game ‘Wordsworth’ is prepared to release its new word game ‘Wordulous’ within a day at the time of writing. This exclusive beta test shows almost all the features of the game.

    Wordulous is a time-bound and fast-paced action word game. With six available letters, you have to form as many words as possible. A board in front unveils the words you form through a game session, with blank spaces representing unformed possible words. If you’re getting confused, you can reorder the same available letters with a button, which can spark new words in your mind.

    Once you form five words or a single six-letter word, you get to wipe out the board and start all over, like it was another game. Only you continue under the same time limit with new words to form.

    [​IMG]At the end of each game, you are given a weird and fun title based on your performance, like a Tailor, because you stitch words nicely together, or a Hermit, whose vocabulary is poor because he never talks much. Additionally, there is a Practice mode and a Challenge mode, where you get to challenge your Facebook friends and phone contacts.

    From my gameplay experience, I’ve found Wordulous to be incredibly entertaining. I simply haven’t been able to put it down. It is easy to notice that the game is almost similar to Ngmoco’s WordFu. However, this simple take on the idea is much more alluring, and I certainly see myself picking up Wordulous more times than I would ever pick WordFu.

    Lots of dedication has been given to the music. As the timer counts down, the music slowly changes from casual to tense. This certainly is one of the major nice things about the game.

    Take a look at this exclusive video I made (with some pauses in between due to pitifully poor vocabulary :p) for a closer look at the game.


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