8 Bit Fighters VS

Zax Ma
[8 Bit Fighters VS] is a true 2D fighting game, which you used to see more of its kind on the Arcade and console in the …
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[8 Bit Fighters VS] is a true 2D fighting game, which you used to see more of its kind on the Arcade and console in the 90's, but hardly find such on morden mobile devices! This is a 2D VS fighting game for everyone Minutes to learn, but might be challenging to master Everyone can enjoy, but only the skilful player [or the lucky ones] can become the winner! If you are into VS fighting games, or interested to know them, this will be your game! Unique 8 bit characters Each character has its own characteristic and signature moves Get bored of one? Master another character for more fun New characters are added seasonally for you to explore more out of this game 2D Animation Thousands of frames of hand-made 2D animation, some of them might give you a flashback of popular characters you loved, and also delivers new experiences by controlling them by yourself Controls for level of players - Simple control Designed for those new to VS fighting games, or those who struggle with complicated commands All you need to do is button smashing and give the right rhythm to perform amazing combos By mastering the simple control, you will be great challenger online Things come with a cost, performing special skills with one button will require a tiny bit of energy - Complex control You are the expert of vs fighting games? This might be your preferred choice! You can control your character with traditional fighting game style controls As a master of complex control, you can perform outrageous combos with your prefer move combinations Find it hard to do such a thing on the on-screen virtual control? No a problem! Pair up with your Bluetooth controller, and enjoy it like a console game Game Modes - Arcade Gives you the traditional arcade experiences Beat all 6 enemies, and challenge the boss at the end of the game The top 20 Arcade scores, will be on the leader board to shine - Online VS Ready to challenge the world? Fight with your neighbours or someone on the other side of the earth in REAL-TIME The winner gets rewarded with ranking up The top 20 ranker, can show off how many other player they have beaten up - Local VS No internet on the street, in the restaurant, or offline gathering with friends? Use local VS feature to play with near by player, without the internet connection [please turn on the wifi receiver on the device] - CPU VS Want to fight with a specific CPU opponent? Or just wanna have a quick round while you are waiting? Choose the enemy and start the match - Training Practice makes perfect, train yourself in an endless arena for mastering your combos 8 Bit Fighters VS is FREE TO PLAY, but there is in game purchases Like my game? Purchases something you think is fair to pay. Any payment will motivate me to keep on going! The fund are used for hosting matchmaking server and account keeping database Still like my game, but don't think paying is fair? Play more, and leave me some comment will make me happy too!
Seller:Zax Ma
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Aug 01, 2021
Updated:Nov 17, 2021
Size:180.7 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal