Universal 7 Mages (by Napoleon Games)

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    Dec 4, 2017
    Weapon using mages

    I used all of the tricks I saw in these forums. I got Glennead early. I spent time in the swamp basically milking the necromancers For all the undead soldiers they could summon and I spent all my points from leveling on charisma and made my main character the Bard. By the time I left the swamp I was getting 30 gold for every undead soldier set of gear, and nearly 600 for every necromancer staff. So gold has never been a problem.

    But someone asked if having a weapon using mage was a good idea.

    Most definitely yes!

    By spending so much time on the swamp, flame weapon and multiple strikes is a deadly combination from Dog's Bastard sword. Knockback with his shield keeps enemies away so the mages are safe too.

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