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    Feb 21, 2010
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    There are more than 30 licenses available for Iphone alone. This includes battle bears and caper too.

    Try Gamecot. It has been 40 days since release and there are AAA publishers and developers registered on gamecot.

    Its a marketplace for developers and publishers to sell and acqurie licenses.

    Try it out

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    Oct 13, 2009
    How does fees work? States on your site there is a 5% fee, but 5% of what? And how would this amount be monitored and paid. I would think it may be easier/cleaner to just do a fixed amount per deal.

    Could you give examples of past deals done (without disclosing exact names)?
  3. schplurg

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    I have dealt with publishers. I see no need for a middleman, especially one that takes 5%, but that's just me. Point number 2 above is a bit troubling. It seems that GameCot is saying that any future deals between you and that publisher also warrant a 5% fee. No thank you. :)

    If you want a publisher, seek one out. If they think they can make money from your game, they will show interest.

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