555 - Numbers Puzzle Game

Seema Datar
555 is a logic puzzle game with simple rules: place numbers so that they add up to 5 and clear the board to succeed. Pl…
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555 is a logic puzzle game with simple rules: place numbers so that they add up to 5 and clear the board to succeed. Playing 555 is a useful pastime for your brain. Train your logic and concentration skills, and try to beat your high score in the numbers game! Immerse yourself in the world of math number games! Take a break and play 555 puzzle game whenever you feel tired or bored. Refresh yourself by solving this addictive logic puzzle and adding numbers! If you like classic board games, try 555. Enjoy the magic of digits and give your brain a great time. 555 number game is an easy to learn logic game that puts your brain to work! Add numbers to clear the board. Coordinate your eyes, hands and mind. Enjoy hours of fun with this free number game. Time flies when you're having fun with this number game! Install the number game now to try it and you won't be able to stop! How to play this logic puzzle: • The goal is to clear numbers from the board. • Tap buttons to place numbers on them. When numbers in a column, row or diagonal cells add up to 5 (1, 1, 3 or 3, 2, 0) on the number grid, the cells gets cleared up. • Replace the number if the gird is getting filled up • You lose once all the cells in the number puzzle grid get filled up Beat Your Score The more times numbers add to 5, the better your score! Tap numbers and enjoy this number puzzle game! There are a lot of ways to solve the logic number puzzle. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Tease your brain and enjoy an engaging number games experience! If you like merging numbers mechanics, you will definitely enjoy this logic game! What you get: • Easy to learn logic puzzle • Hours of gameplay in this number merge games • No time limit mode supported, so no rush, just relax playing math number games • Simple, fun, innovative gameplay • Haptic feedback • Two modes - timed and unlimited time • Buttons need to be just tapped and the numbers need not be dragged to save time! • New logic game with numbers! Challenge your brain and logic with 555 number puzzle and become a master! Play this number game anywhere, anytime! Enjoy the Free Sudoku like but simpler Puzzle Game If you enjoy playing sudoku or are a sodoku fan, you will enjoy 555. If you are a lover for soduko game, but are looking for a simpler game, you can download 555!
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Release:Mar 06, 2023
Updated:Aug 16, 2023
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