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"I am not sure that I've ever seen a more compelling 'show-don't-tell' educational tool than 4D Toys." –Ars Technica …
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"I am not sure that I've ever seen a more compelling 'show-don't-tell' educational tool than 4D Toys." –Ars Technica What if you received a box filled with mysterious toys from a fourth spatial dimension? • Playfully explore and marvel at beautiful shapes powered by a groundbreaking 4D+time physics system. • Poke, throw, roll and watch as they disappear into a dimension you can't see. • Get an intuitive feel for how four-dimensional objects behave: • Become a child of the fourth dimension. In this case the 4D is not time but a 4th dimension of space that works just like the first three dimensions we are familiar with. If you count time these toys are 5D. It turns out that the rules of how objects bounce, slide and roll around can be generalized to higher dimensions, and this unique toy lets you experience what that would look like. Features: • Over 130 beautiful interactive scenes to play with, with more to be added in updates. • Groundbreaking 4D+Time Physics Engine that uses new mathematics created for this project. • Multi-touch & Accelerometer support for rich interactivity. • 2D/3D "Flatland" Interactive 10 Page Book/Explanation that teaches by analogy about a fourth spatial dimension. • Special buttons: Anti-Gravity, Wireframe Projection, 4D Accelerometer and ability to export meshes for 3D printing. Some things to do: • Manage to fit the hypercube into the hyperhole! • Use the 4D shapes as fancy, perfectly symmetric, fair dice that have 5, 8, 16, 24, or even 120 and 600 sides! • Unbind Rings using the fourth dimension! • Make a stack of 4D hypercubes and smash it! • Set up an interesting path for a few 4D dominoes! • Make levers that throw hypercubes into the fourth dimension! • Use multitouch to "squeeze" out objects into the fourth dimension! • Play in a 4D ball pit! • See Tesseracts (i.e. 4D hypercubes) slide down slopes! • etc...!
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