4 In a Blow - Casual connect 4

Joris Van Goidsenhoven
4 In a Blow is the classic 4 in a row made for casual and puzzle gamers. Unlock items that can help you make 4 in a row.…
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4 In a Blow is the classic 4 in a row made for casual and puzzle gamers. Unlock items that can help you make 4 in a row. Use dynamite, buy extra bombs, use the torch and air canister. Do everything to make 4 in a row. Connect 4 bombs and puzzle your way through this new puzzle game! How to play In each turn, you can drop 2 bombs where after rocks will fall. Connect 4 in a row to blow the bombs up. Exploding bombs will destroy surrounding rocks and damage the tiles underneath. A tile can have different colors and contain a different amount of pebbles. The pebbles indicate the strength of the tiles. The color indicates what layer the tile belongs to. You can also collect gold and gems when you damage special tiles. Gems are used to buy abilities during a level. Gold can be used to unlock and upgrade abilities in the shop. --- Features: • Classic 4 in a row gameplay. • Easy to learn, hard to master game mechanics. • Lots of challenging levels. • Many items to unlock. • Free 30 minutes demo to try the premium mode. • Help Dolf the dwarf in his search for treasure. --- Story Oh no! Our favorite, little dwarf Dolf has run out of gold and gems! Don't worry he has a map that will direct him to all the gold and diamonds in the world. Admit it. You like those shiny things as well. Although we must say that our dwarf seems TO enthusiastic. Why should he dig his way to the treasure when he can just blow everything away? Ah well ... a few rocks will fall so what. He'll blow them away as well. And then more rocks will fall. Oh ... Uhoh it looks like digging for gold and diamonds isn't so safe after all. --- Monetization 4 In a Blow will be free-to-play with the options to buy the premium version for 2.99$. Players will be granted with 3 trial periods of 30 minutes to test the full premium version. Note that all players must log in to their Facebook account in order to give or receive a discount. --- Official website: http://4inablow.weebly.com/ Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/4-in-a-blow-459624500911672/ --- G-aim is a one-man independent video game startup company. Soul founder of the company is Joris Van Goidsenhoven. This company focuses on market research, user experience and coming up with innovating video game concepts. http://g-aim.weebly.com/ http://vangoidsenhoven.weebly.com/
Seller:Joris Van Goidsenhoven
Genre:Board, Puzzle
Release:Jul 28, 2019
Updated:Sep 27, 2019
Size:83.2 MB
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