Awesome Saucer

Nebuleux Games, LLC
*** Featured in 'What's Hot' Action & Arcade! *** "…stunning graphics…a visual experience…it caught our attention." -…
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*** Featured in 'What's Hot' Action & Arcade! *** "…stunning graphics…a visual experience…it caught our attention." "This game is seriously a piece of art…the visuals are fan-freaking-tastic…a hidden gem that deserves more recognition." --Legowiz (on the Touch Arcade forums) "Very addictive!" --Gbrana (on the US App Store) "Bullet-hell-in-3D! Awesome Saucer hits the imagination at a level of execution that is amazing." "If you love furious space action and do not have epilepsy, this is the trip for you." --Totemclone (on the German App Store) "Straight up spaced out trigger happy action candy." (on the US App Store) "Gorgeous! Sublime visuals and controls." --Jason Willbourn (on the UK App Store) "…an audio visual feast of a shooter. Great art style, good controls." --ACE3029 (on the UK App Store) "AMAZING!!! Gameplay is nice and smooth, and the graphics are great. I'm gonna be hooked on this one for a LONG time!!!" --syntheticvoid (on the US App Store) ****************** BEAT the timer! SEIZE thousands of points! PICK UP multipliers! WIELD MASSIVE FIREPOWER! SPEED through intergalactic space and interplanetary skies at breathtaking velocities! Don't get distracted though...your job is to kill your enemies before they kill you! Awesome Saucer features: • Aerobatic, immersive space flight with incredibly smooth battle maneuverability. • Intuitive controls with selectable Traditional or Inverted ("flight stick") directional control. • Unlimited levels with progressive game play. • Selectable weapons earned through play, each with a different targeting sensitivity and range. • Original music and volumetric sound design. (Headphones recommended!). • Universal Binary - buy it once and play it on any of your compatible devices.
Seller:Nebuleux Games, LLC
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Jul 15, 2011
Updated:Jul 15, 2011
Size:22.4 MB
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