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    Jan 5, 2010

    The most relax way to play football! Shoot is as fun as toss paper! There are many football games you can find on the Apple App Store, but only a few of them offer satisfactory gaming experience. This is one of the best and engaging football games available in the market!! It enables you to completely enjoy the pleasure of football game and avoid those boring controls and complicated strategies!


    Just move your finger on the screen and kick perfect banana shot! It not only lets you play as a top scorer but also provide you with immersive experience! A smooth touch creates awesome shots!

    Three themes available: football ground of South Africa which makes you exciting, Street of South America which displays exotic landscape and sand beach with charming sunset!

    three awesome themes:
    football ground with tens of thousands audiences
    cool street with doodles

    Do you believe that you can make banana shots with pop can? Go now! It’s not a joke!You can make it!!

    Easy to shoot:
    The shooting radian differs as your finger moving in different angles!

    Random spots:
    The spots changes each time. You have to be skillful in order to kick a goal. It makes the app more game playful.

    Commentaries、cheers and sounds are all from real game. You’ll feel like you’re really practicing.

    Most of the football games are complicated and they’re usually expensive! You have to manage your team and control your players. Why not use this app to relax and better enjoy football game? You shots are so beautiful, just as shooting stars hooking across the night sky! wow~Finger Football-vi va banana shot!

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