iPad 3D Constructo Combat?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by polyplay, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. polyplay

    polyplay Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2008
    I've been looking around the internet for info on the game (Link). The concept sounds pretty neat, but the screenshots and the things I'm reading scare me.

    The game apparently involves the player controlling a 3d spaceship and flying around, trying to collect pieces to build towers before your opponent(s). There are several weapons, most of which sound pretty pedestrian.

    From what I've been able to tell, there is a pretty basic single-player game, with the focus on multiplayer, which is not my thing.

    If there was a lot of customization for creating a single-player game against the AI (difficulty adjustments, # of enemies, the option for lots of time, etc.) I would consider taking the plunge. The graphics look like the devs just ported the game from their other, earlier mobile versions. Plus, the HUD looks like it takes up half of the screen!

    Has anyone played the game, either for the iPhone or other mobile devices?
  2. Haephestos

    Haephestos Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2008
    I played it on my old mobile. It isn't very good at all. Don't buy it.

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