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    3asy Money was designed with one purpose in mind: to be the easiest and most beautiful way to manage your money. Useful quick hitters such as a handy tip calculator and automatic receipt scanning (OCR) are available right from the home screen.

    Get 3asy Money on the AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3asy-money/id928136458?mt=8

    Featuring beautiful visual representations of your income and spending, 3asy Money divides everything into the three things you do:

    1. Spending Money // Spend
    2. Taking In Money // Take In
    3. Viewing your Money // View

    The view section contains ways to break down your money in a multitude of useful ways, and there are even achievements to inspire you to live a better financial life. Let 3asy Money be your personal guide to set up a full budget to help you save money, and know when you can afford that thing you've been wanting. And don't worry, it doesn't all have to be done by hand, you can use our bank syncing feature to get those pretty graphs firing right from the get go.

    Not only that, but we have more in store for you in the very near future:

    1. iCloud back up and sync
    2. Very cool wishlist functionality that will automatically let you know when you can afford desired items.
    3. More banks to the auto sync functionality
    4. Can't tell you everything just now, can we?

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