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    Hello TA,

    I am making a game called 3 Degrees of Wikipedia, which will be released very soon and it would nice to hear your early feedback :)

    You should take a look of its official site. It has a very nice introduction.

    And here's little preview video (the official site has much higher quality video)


    I have couple questions hope you guys can help out and share your two cents.

    (1) How much would be a reasonable price?
    (2) Which categories do you think this game fit in the best? Educational? Trivia? Puzzle?

    I am looking forward to your feedback.



  2. Here's the game description

    ======= Game Description =========

    What happened to the hundreds of Wikipedia you have read?

    "I forgot about them", you answered.

    Here is a game to make you remember those articles, and it will stimulate your brain like nothing else.

    The idea is very simple: in each puzzle, you will be given two Wikipedia pages, and your goal is to navigate from one to the other, using only the available web links.

    For example, starting at the "Michael Jackson" page, can you find the way to "Zombies" page?

    "That's easy. I would look for Michael's hit song Thriller, and it will take me to the Zombies page", you answered.

    Good thinking. How about from "Rene Descartes" to "Computer Graphics"? (Answer: Cartesian Coordinate System). Or, from the eccentric philosopher "Ludwig Wittgenstein" to the Romanticism artist Klimt? (Answer: Klmit painted the wedding portrait for Wittgenstein's sister). How about from Tupac to Jennifer Lopez? (Answer: they are both ex-backup dancers).

    Connections like those will put the articles into context, making them more meaningful and memorable. You will be surprised how effortlessly you could learn through solving puzzles like these.

    "But where are these puzzles come from?" you asked.

    They are created by you! You create and submit puzzles (within the app) to educate other players. And they will vote on how enlightening your problems are (and you might be awarded with special badges). It's like a community for knowledge hungry people!

    Have fun learning my friend.


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