3.0 is coming, release all codes for Awesome Group Text Pro 2.1 version

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    3.0 is coming, release all codes for Awesome Group Text Pro 2.1 version

    Please leave a good review if you think it does! Thanks!

    AppStore Link

    App Introduction

    On top of iPhone OS 4.0, Awesome Group Text Pro provides one of the most useful feature - Group Text, if you want to text one message to more than one contacts, this App is the choice for you.

    The app is more and more mature after 6 release! Over 10,000+ download from AppStore already.

    Also can download the Lite version before buying the Pro version.

    ******* Download User Guide below *******

    ******* See feedback from our users ******
    by Lyuwei07 (Singapore) - Been searching for an app that allows me to group text. U can create groups straight from this app and send group sms w/o having to add ur contacts 1 by 1! Try out the lite version 1st if you are unsure.

    by Nikeguy31 (US) - I am a youth pastor and this app rocks. I put out a text to my whole group in seconds it works awesome.

    by peridox (US) - This a really great app, I love it....I was able to send up to 115 text all at once and the info is saved for future use.

    by Roybles - Now with iPhone 4 this app really flies. I would gave given it 5*s on my old 3G so now I want to give it 7*s!

    The powerful features of Awesome Group Text includes:
    1) Group management, sync with address book
    2) Sending History Management
    3) Great SMS template design
    4) Smart phone number filtering

    Important Tips to use Awesome Group Text:

    1) If you have more than one phone number in one contact (e.g. Home & Mobile), you are able to pick up phone number during selection.
    2) You can delete template by sliding the row in template table view.
    3) Set "Group Message" to OFF in iPhone

    Codes below


    ScreenShot below


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