Android 2D Shooter Unity Complete Project

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    Apr 5, 2019

    2D Shooter is a very fun mobile game for everyone. The Hero has a gun, but he need your help! Get ready and join him. A great adventure awaits you. Kill enemies, find the keys and complete the levels.
    Keep in mind! There is a time limit for each level. It's very important that you collect the coins. Because if you can't collect enough coin, you can't complete the level. The more coin means the better score.

    *Arm64 Export (New Update)

    *How to use guide included (New Update)

    *Cross platform (Android and iOS)

    *Great effects using particle system

    *Level key system

    *3 stars level system

    *Damaged enemies

    *Easy level creation with tilemap system

    *Google Admob integrated

    *Unity 2019

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