Universal 2D Race Runner (by Ultra Line Software)

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    Sep 28, 2011
    Hi folks, Ultra Line Software has our latest free 2D game ready for you to download and play!

    Check out 2D Race Runner! A highly addictive game, where you race your car through obstacles, swiping left/right to avoid. The game challenges you, as the further you go, the more speed you gain.

    Hit the Turbo Boost arrows for a limited amount of extra speed and invincibility.

    Click the button below to play 2D Race Runner!


    This game has quick maneuvering mechanics, which allows you to quickly change lanes, and you'll def need this when the speed get outrageous.

    Here are some screens of the game:

    Have fun playing 2D Race Runner, and Thanks so much for your support!

    Ultra Line Software

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