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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by EricTong, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'd like to drop a quick note to say hi to everyone, hi!! (My first forum post, ever. :)). And to let anyone who might be interested to know that my game 2079 now includes a simple online leaderboard. Version 1.0.2.

    It's not a major update, but I hope it adds some replay value for you. Someone has already scored over a million points!

    I look forward to hearing your comments of feedbacks on what you might like to see or fixed for the game.
  2. spmwinkel

    spmwinkel Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2008
    Hi Eric and welcome to the forums. :)
    Thanks for 2079, I don't play it often but I do like it. Keep up the good work!
  3. RM imagery

    RM imagery Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    Photographer (interiors, architecture, abstract ar
    Long Island, NY
    Eric, u got skills. Thanx much for creating a classic shooter. The control, gameplay and sound are perfect. I got up to 377,000 and played the crap out of it when it was released.

    I was hoping for an update that added something like a bonus level in Galaga - essentially a skill challenge with no enemies shooting at you and maybe even earning power-ups (by acing the bonus stage) to be used for the next level. Also, if the levels changed (even just the look/color scheme after a certain point - it would be a much deeper game.

    It would be pants jizz if you could unlock a mode where there were no walls. When you fly up off the screen, you come out the bottom (like asteroids). Please do this!

    and what else do u have brewing?
  4. Thanks spmwinkle!

    RM imagery: for the first suggestion, indeed I tried to play around with a bonus level and part of a new game mode. Unfortunately, the current sound effects did not suit that type of the gameplay very well. But I might continue to explore. As for wrap around, I might end up adding it as an option in the settings. But you should be able to get a glimsp of it in the cube level. I'm currently thinking of how to make this game work in an infinite space or at least a much larger playing field.

    Color schemes or skins for different levels, yes, that will be happening for sure. :)

    As for what else am I thinking of doing, I have two game and a few app ideas, but I hope to have at least one new major game mode out for this game before I move on. And also depends on how much free time I have outside of my day job. :)

  5. ipressbuttons

    ipressbuttons Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2008
    Hey, 2079 is one of my favourite apps, it feels like an XBLA or PSN game :D I even got 3 friends to buy it. We just some new modes: survival, this is simple you just try and avoid the enemy for as long as you can. Bomber; like survival but you start of with 10 bombs with more availible in the boxes. Difficulty options? easy - what it is now but the progress is slower and you have more powerups. Normal - current state. Hard - lots more of the homing enemies and no sheild powerup. Insane - 2x speed with no powerups. I'll think of more soon :D
  6. Dr.Traveler

    Dr.Traveler Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2008
    A million points?!??!!?!?!!?!

    Wow, I stink. I'm topping out at about 50,000... but I'm doing that one handed with my sleeping baby in my lap.

    Its a very fun game that's provided hours of entertainment, and is likely to provide more. Thanks.
  7. ipressbuttons: Heh. I actually had the bomber mode how you described (almost) exactly. It's actually in your current update, except turned off. :) It's basically survival with only bombs and powerups are already broken when they spawned. The problem is as I described before, the current sound effects doesn't really match that style of gameplay. I like your suggestions about the different difficulty mode, I'll think about it some more. Thanks for the suggestions!

    Dr.Traveler: Thanks! Heh yeah I think my top score was somewhere in the 300k range. And on the point about the one handed play. I always meant to add an actual one handed play layout / mode, which essentially has a portrait layout with the virtual controller on the bottom. Think the current Pacman layout. I just never got around to make the frontend / pause menu so that it would work in portrait. This mode would promote a world's first, one hand doing three actions at once. Tilt, shake, and aim :)
  8. it's still on the 1st page of my home screen :D

    this leaderboard will give me motivation to play it even more often
  9. istopmotion

    istopmotion Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2008
    Yeah, I've played 2079 lots of times and I can only hit about 150,000. Still one of my favorite games :)
  10. cycler15

    cycler15 Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2009
    2079 is a great game for $0.99. Very fun to play. Addition of the leaderboard will definitely make me want to play more. Just got my highest score of 195,000 right now. How the heck did someone get more than a 1 million!?!?

    Some extra game modes would definitely be nice. A few suggestions...
    - Survival mode with no bombs but you always have the double shot
    - Super bomb mode with 10 bombs but no double or trip shot
    - Extreme mode with no extra lives and no powerups

    What about throwing in a boss every now and then to make things interesting?

    Great game, keep up the good work!
  11. Thanks! Actually... You guys just gave me a new idea. Maybe I can add a user-created mode section and let you customize the types of powerups and weapons you can have, amongst other things. You can submit a mode, and once added, it can have its own leaderboard automatically associated with it. :) hmm...

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