iPad 2048 Upgrade - 2 New Features -just released on iTunes

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    We all love and play 2048 with a passion and now Apple itunes has a 2048 upgrade with 2 new major features.

    You can swipe diagonally which gives you 8 directions to join tiles.

    Plus now with 1 swipe all the tiles that can be join in the direction of your swipe get joined. For example if you have a 2 – 2 – 4 – 8 tile 1 swipe would join the 2s to become a 4 then the 4s to become an 8 then the 8s to become a 16. With the original version you would have to swipe 3 times and 3 new tiles would be added. With this upgrade only 1 new tile gets added.

    BUT 2 and 4 tiles get introduced in a new way to offset your new advantages to keep the game extremely challenging. With this version you will need to study all the possible directions to get the best moves and to get out of trouble. The game is faster and the rest you will have to judge for yourself. Download it now at itunes




    I am sure many of you are curious if an ad with TouchArcade can produce some results. I have just finished my ad for 2048v2 and it will be handed over to them by tomorrow. Once it is up if any of you want to know the results drop me a line.:) 1stSPIN.com@gmail.com

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