Puzzle Dungeons

★Touch Arcade Review - A Fairly Standard Puzzle RPG with Some Good Ideas (3.5 stars)
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★Touch Arcade Review - A Fairly Standard Puzzle RPG with Some Good Ideas (3.5 stars)
★AppZapp Blog News - Match-3 and role-playing: a dangerous and addictive mixture. "Puzzle Dungeons" will really shake things up on the iPhone. (5 stars)
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[Game Features]

-Combines aspects of a Puzzle game and a Role Playing Game
-Three distinctive characters with each their own unique abilities and skills
-Enhance your character by learning and upgrading special abilities
-Speedy and lively gameplay
-Three maps with differing levels of difficulty.

[How to play]

By matching blocks, you can get health points, mana points, time points, swords and experience. You also fight against monsters by using skills and swords. Should you run out of health points and time points, you will die.

You will gain treasure chests when you destroy the boss monsters and achieve 6 combos or you will get them randomly. When you open the chests, you can get various potions and can decide what to learn among 11 unique special abilities that each character possesses. You can only choose 4 special abilities among 11 of them and there are 9 levels for each ability. Once you decide to learn a certain ability, you are not able to cancel it. However, you will lose the special abilities you’ve accumulated if your character dies.

There are 3 different maps which have different levels and types of monsters. You can unlock the next map by defeating the last boss monster.

You can get scores when you remove blocks, monsters or discard items and abilities. You can see your current score in the Pause Menu and Game Over scene. Challenge with the other players in Game Center.
Genre:Action, Puzzle
Release:Jul 06, 2012
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