2 x $20 Kids Geography App Review Contest

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    Hi Everyone,

    2 x $20 PayPal Kids Geography App Review Contest

    We recently released our new US Geography App and would like to get users feedback and reviews. Focus of the app is to provide fun learning to kids with interactive quiz and map style questions. Here is the contest rules:

    1. Download App on your iPad (iTunes Link: http://bit.ly/USGeogLITE )
    2. Write a review on iTunes App Store
    3. Post your iTunes username in this thread or PM us
    4. The 2x $20 Paypal gift winners will be drawn on Aug 15, 2015 using randomresult.com. We will publish the results here. We need at least 15+ participants in this contest (otherwise we may extend the Draw date)

    Thanks for your support and have a great day!!

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