Switch 2 sci-fi games 25% off sales on Nintendo Switch today!

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    Nov 18, 2020
    DICO, The First Sale Now on Nintendo Switch

    25% off until November 25th
    GEMINI ARMS, Assault ChaingunS KM

    Tokyo, Japan. – Nov. 18th, 2020 – Global video game publisher DICO and its partners, Japanese publisher Regista, today announced the first sale of robotic sci-fi 2D scrolling action game GEMINI ARMS and 3D action shooting game Assault ChaingunS KM which has a 25% discount in Americas, Europe, the United Kingdom, and other supported western territories on Nintendo Switch for digital retail until 25th.

    GEMINI ARMS set in a retro 2D world that 50 years after humans started living in space, players can switch between robot and flight modes and defeat the Federal force army in space and return to a peaceful life between the people of the universe.

    Assault ChaingunS KM is a first-person action shooting game combining Regista’s trademark retro graphics and play. Players can use guns and missiles to defeat enemies within a limited time.

    For more information and regular updates on GEMINI ARMS, please visit https://www.dico4players.com/geminiarms/

    For Assault ChaingunS KM, please visit

    About DICO

    DICO Co., Ltd. is a global video game publisher and developer including games and interactive entertainment, animation.

    Based on DICO’s experiences of successfully releasing multiple games and contents, DICO will continue to provide entertainment in various forms to the world including Japan.

    Please visit https://www.dico4u.com/en/ for more details.

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