2 Minutes in Space

Antonio Calvino Esquer
Hello and welcome to the space program! Fly your galactic spaceship, avoid collisions with asteroids, gravity fields, do…
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Hello and welcome to the space program! Fly your galactic spaceship, avoid collisions with asteroids, gravity fields, dodge missiles & shoot back! Try to survive 2 Minutes in Space! YOUR MISSION You are an astronaut exploring the universe in your new spaceship in this fun 2D survival game. Fly to the Moon, Asteroid Belt, Nebulas and Gravity Fields. Navigate your spacecraft alone or with a personal fleet. Your main goal is to guide & manoeuvre your spaceship through challenging obstacles and survive at least 2 Minutes in Space! This simple arcade game will engage you to the fullest and turn your free time into an exciting space adventure, full of deadly battles and challenges! SPACESHIPS / SPACECRAFT As an astronaut you can choose one of 13 different spaceships equipped with lasers, guns & laser turrets. Different spacecraft have different speed, angles of rotation & ammunition. Collect gold pieces while flying in space & unblock your favourite spaceships! Dodge missiles sent by invisible space invaders, avoid collisions with asteroids & nebulas to survive! COMPETE WITH OTHER PLAYERS Play our space game and compete against your friends & other astronauts from all over the world! Check your own high score on the Leaderboard. Accept the challenge, live adventure and fulfil the mission! TIPS & TRICKS Control your spaceship with the joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons. Check for red & blue triangles appearing on the screen. They signalise enemies or bonuses located in that direction. Use bonuses like protection shields, space weapons, EMP (electromagnetic field), Speed Boost and other power-ups to help destroy & evade missiles. Avoid incoming homing missiles aiming to terminate you, dodge missiles and make them collide each other to increase your final score. Fly around the Moon to make missiles crush it with. Are there still questions or doubts from your side? Contact us per email: [email protected] or join us on Discord 2 Minutes in Space is an addictive survival game that will make you experience unforgettable adventures! Download it for free and start your own galactic survival! A trip to space has never been quite so tempting! Escape the missiles, if you can!
Seller:Antonio Calvino Esquer
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Jan 17, 2018
Updated:Nov 29, 2021
Size:33.8 MB
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