17 weeks and 1 day...whoops

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by Zenout, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Zenout

    Zenout Well-Known Member

    120 days sounded so long when I registered the new game I've been developing for a while. Have just noticed that have forgotten to upload anything and the time has passed already. When I count back 17 weeks on the calendar it's surprising how short it is.

    Was not finished at all (done when its done now) and will I guess think of a new name. Strange how the old app still appears in iTunes Connect, then I try to select "Ready To Upload Binary" where an error occurs.

    I would imagine that anyone making an app should now be prepared to upload dummy binaries throughout creation, if you intend to begin marketing at an appropriate time in advance of release...While not holding back too long after approval for N&N/Feature possibilities to not time out too. I mean if you want to invest in name design etc. then 120 days is not long enough.

    Guess my game is still too far from completion to discuss details in this thread. Was more of a reminder to others to keep an eye on their clock!
  2. schplurg

    schplurg Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that you can only reserve an app name for a few months? I'm not sure I understand your post, but I'm interested in knowing this.
  3. Zenout

    Zenout Well-Known Member

    Yes a limit from the day the app is registered. I was surprised to see a post with someone unaware of such limit, and repeated a Google search...lots of posts saying 120 days, but one has just caught my eye saying 180 days! That would explain why no 30 day warning/reminder email was received. But still the error when I attempted to 'Ready' the app. Might not need to just yet after all...
  4. Zenout

    Zenout Well-Known Member

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    Ok that's great the grace period was recently extended from 120 to 180 days. http://www.iphonedevsdk.com/forum/iphone-sdk-development/105111-is-the-120-day-app-name-use-it-or-lose-it-still-in-effect.html

    Some of the Google search was a lot of old information, with many conflicting statements. I'm not sure if the name would then get locked or released. Also some others also say no email was received while others again did get the reminder.

    Best I get busy...

    Edit: To confirm, actual time will now be 25 weeks and 5 days max. to upload something.
  5. MHille

    MHille Well-Known Member

    JiggleSaw was like this

    They give email warnings that the name is about to be lost. You can also upload a partly finished app and reject it yourself. This extended my time by several months until I finished JiggleSaw.

  6. Zenout

    Zenout Well-Known Member

    Thanks, good to know that would work.

    I am going to attempt it asap, as I don't fancy seeing the Ready button fail with only days to go.

    Sorry if it looks to anyone like I'm hogging a name, but I'm not...thought my game would be done by now.
  7. PodCubed

    PodCubed Active Member

    Apr 2, 2012
    That's fantastic news regarding the length of time increase. Thanks for the information :D
  8. As of now, the trick of submitting and immediately rejecting a binary removes the expiration period completely.

    The name is yours forever.

    There is no telling if Apple will ever change this policy, but you are safe right now, and this is easy enough to do for a name you really want to keep.
  9. BazookaTime

    BazookaTime Well-Known Member

    Good tip.
  10. Zenout

    Zenout Well-Known Member

    Yeah Apple should maybe allow us to hold 1 name forever for our current game. Plus for a lite version if that's your thing I guess. Anyone able to develop more than one app at a time I have no concern though :p

    Still getting the same error here "Cannot Process Request

    An error has occurred processing your request. Please try again later or send an e-mail for assistance..."

    Not falling for that automated email service again. I will get on the dog and bone today...
  11. Zenout

    Zenout Well-Known Member

    All sorted, and Waiting for upload. The problem error above was due to logging in to iTC via iPad. Not sure if a Chrome bug or iOS but either way the portal worked perfectly when I logged in via Firefox...

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