Mandala Puzzle

★★★★★ Amazing! This game is the most beautiful jigsaw puzzle game out there. The graphics reminds me the kaleidoscope, g…
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★★★★★ Amazing! This game is the most beautiful jigsaw puzzle game out there. The graphics reminds me the kaleidoscope, gorgeous. The background music really makes me relax. My kids love it. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ Great jigsaw puzzle game! If you like jigsaw puzzles, you will love this game! It has cool artwork, and you form puzzles with pieces from the picture! Cool game!

★★★★★ Beautiful colorful puzzles! This app is full of beautiful colourful puzzles set to soothing music. Good for children an adults as the difficulty can be changed. A small IAP is needed to Unlock all puzzles. Worth it if you like jigsaws

★★★★★ Great puzzle game! Like this game.Really cool gorgeous graphics and convenient controls. The gameplay is great too. There are 11 difficulty levels and so many beautiful puzzles. Very cool entertaining game. Great work.

★★★★★ A Unique Puzzle game! Mandala Puzzle is basically a jigsaw puzzle game with simple and colorful graphics and excellent background music. The controls work smoothly and perfectly for the game .The game supports Gamecenter achievements and leaderboards. The initial levels are free while later can be unlocked by paying a small iap fees. Overall grab it if you want a simple yet fun game.

★★★★★ Awesome! Really creative, colorful, fun game!

Mandala Magic Puzzle is a Classical Jigsaw Puzzle game for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with wonderful Mandala pictures with animations and relaxing background music!

Inside the game there are 30 beautiful handmade puzzle pictures exclusively designed for this game only!

Collect each Mandala Puzzle and enjoy anti-stress relaxing animations and sedative meditation music!

✓ 11 difficulty levels from 4 (2x2) pieces up to 144 (12x12) pieces
✓ Big puzzle area and separate scrollbar with mixed puzzles on the top of the screen
✓ Controls placed on the top of the screen to prevent accident tap on them during puzzling
✓ Autosave functionality for the last played puzzle - just restart the game to continue
✓ Help preview function to light the background picture if you will stuck
✓ Game Center integration for tracking your results and challenging your friends
✓ Email integration to share the puzzle you are playing with your friends and family
✓ Ambient and positive background music will help you to relax and to get better mood
✓ Separate music and sound controls: listen your own music if you would like
✓ Universal app which you can play on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices

✓ Visual memory training
✓ Increasing of short term memory
✓ Concentration improvement
✓ Developing of the cognitive skills
Genre:Board, Puzzle
Release:Aug 15, 2012
Updated:Sep 05, 2012
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