123 SMash: Bugs! - Official Trailer Released!

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    Nov 14, 2014
    123 Smash: Bugs!
    Learn numbers, colors and entomological nomenclature while you SMASH!

    Have you ever said to yourself: "I sure like teaching my kid numbers and colors, but I wish there was a way to do it while smashing a ton of bugs.*"

    Well, 123 Smash: Bugs! is here to help reach your dreams of smashing bugs + education. Our bugs crawl, fly, hop and slither their way into your child's cranium and leave behind a hard exoskeleton of knowledge! With simple game play, beautiful hand-drawn bug illustrations and endless levels of bugs to smash, 123 Smash: Bugs! helps teach and reinforce the core educational basics of numbers and colors.

    *we know you don’t talk like this out loud, but we know that you love your child and you equally love the idea of smashing bugs.


    123 Smash: Bugs! Features:
    • 22 Unlockable Bugs
    • 8 Unlockable Background
    • Randomized Levels for Endless Smashing

    Official Site: www.123smash.com

    We are also making some comics and doing bug introductions at our Facebook and Twitter Pages leading up to our launch in December:

    Facebook: facebook.com/123smash
    Twitter: twitter.com/123Smashapp


    123 Smash: Bugs! started it’s life as a caterpillar in the minds of two dads who wanted to make fun educational games that their kids would love. After much love and care, 123 Smash: Bugs! came out of it’s cocoon as the fully formed beautiful butterfly that is 123 Smash: Bugs!


    We'll be releasing it for iOS in December everyone get ready to smash.

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