123 Kids Fun ANIMATED Puzzle UPDATE RELEASED - 100 MB of puzzle games

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    123 Kids Fun Animated Puzzle is a new attractive game for preschoolers (ages 3 - 7). Arrange all pictures on the board to enable animation!




    Fun with the application involves easy and quick navigation between many boards, colourful animated pictures and realistic sounds.

    Our app includes 10 boards:

    - Vehicles,
    - Safari.
    - Pets,
    - In the kitchen,
    - Toys for children,
    - Playground,
    - Cat Show,
    - Schoolyard,
    - In the garden,
    - Farm Animals.

    Each board is comprised of 6 pictures to be arranged.Each picture has two difficulty levels: easy (5 elements) and difficult (9 elements). A surprise is waiting for your child after arranging all pictures on the board. You need to complete one board to unlock the next one.


    In addition, the application is comprised of one special board with 5 pictures to be completed:

    - Space,
    - Toys,
    - Clothes,
    - Vegetables and Fruits,
    - Houses.

    To see an attractive animation, insert pictures appearing on the cloud into the right place.



    - Kids friendly App,
    - Easy navigation between boards,
    - Very colourful pictures and animations,
    - Two levels of difficulty for each picture,
    - Realistic sounds,

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