$100 total to 4 winners for playing new, COOL game

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    Jul 29, 2014
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    Action-based, survival game to promote animal extinction awareness…

    Ragingback is a unique app designed to build awareness on the threats animals are currently facing. The app gives an opportunity to be aware of the challenges they go through and understand their fears as you play as a silverback gorilla fighting for your life and your family.

    The company, Ironhide, supports various wildlife conservation programs around the world.

    Here are the promo codes to download the game:

    1. https://redeem-now.com/0da2866a4c99
    2. https://redeem-now.com/58279b1951af
    3. https://redeem-now.com/ced1250f791c
    4. https://redeem-now.com/b1521f4963f9
    5. https://redeem-now.com/980de65e25d6
    6. https://redeem-now.com/5ed98cec2d3d
    7. https://redeem-now.com/67ee280065e6
    8. https://redeem-now.com/4df38d099c2e
    9. https://redeem-now.com/b6e49d9e0252
    10. https://redeem-now.com/175f86603923
    11. https://redeem-now.com/c00569886334
    12. https://redeem-now.com/6df98e553946
    13. https://redeem-now.com/54d3e4ff4acb
    14. https://redeem-now.com/727f5c7a8cd7
    15. https://redeem-now.com/31323132e188
    16. https://redeem-now.com/0348fded02a8
    17. https://redeem-now.com/775d57a9bda8
    18. https://redeem-now.com/abbeb4a7d127
    19. https://redeem-now.com/dad503c018c2
    20. https://redeem-now.com/eaf723c62808
    21. https://redeem-now.com/2abd3f72a65e
    22. https://redeem-now.com/bcc457f82b76
    23. https://redeem-now.com/2aea3b4cd5da
    24. https://redeem-now.com/e7cc5bfd97b1
    25. https://redeem-now.com/56a30a6fe95c

    Please reply to this thread with...

    1) The number of the promo code you took
    2) One thing you like about the app
    3) One thing you would improve about the app

    We will award the 4 players $25 via PayPal or iTunes Gift Card.

    2 winners for getting furthest in the game by Monday, April 29. Make sure you post a screenshot of your high scores.

    2 winners for best feedback.

    You can win for both categories. Winners will be chosen on Friday, May 3rd.
  2. EfratBarTal

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    Mar 5, 2011
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    Thank you!

    Took code #1.
    Feedback to follow.


    right from the first minutes of playing, I really like the character design. the graphics are really nice.

    I don't really dig the bonus level.. it kinda breaks the momentum of the game.
  3. OzOz

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    Nov 27, 2017
    Took code #7.
    Feedback to follow.
  4. geniusx

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    Mar 20, 2016
    #4 geniusx, Apr 11, 2019
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    Took #12

    2)Characters are very funny and i like game idea!
    3)i have filling that all weapons are the same no metter what weapon i choose it's same difficulties when shooting,
  5. SwagWin2011

    SwagWin2011 Member

    Apr 9, 2019
    Took #24. Feedback later :) Can't wait to play! Thank you!
  6. hisownsidekick

    hisownsidekick New Member

    Apr 12, 2019
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    Took #23. Will update post with feedback once I've put some time into the game. Thank you!


    The game is fun, but is fairly simple visually. I'd add at least a few simple palette swaps for the hunters just to keep it more visually interesting. I LOVE that you get to beat the hell out of the hunters like the Hulk at the end of the level. I like that it is mechanically it's own thing.

    Since this is a game to promote wildlife conservation, I suggest that you integerate a bunch of facts into the game. Title screen? Fact at the bottom of the screen about deforestation. Loading screen? Fact about species conservation.

    Good luck with the game and thanks for the chance to play it!
  7. ip4weather

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    Nov 13, 2012
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    1. took #25
    2. end of every battle is amazing i like that "fatality" how gorilla use on that enemy
    3. add more weapons and different maps.
  8. Brightsiderus

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    Feb 1, 2017
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    Code #15
    2)What’s good: the game is pretty good and have morhuhn vibes.
    Lots of weapons, they sure are fun.
    Fun mini game where you should mash the buttons.
    3)what’s bad: animations. Enemies looks the same. Devs can add more faces to make them a little more different.
    Also, it’s hard to unlock new stages so basically I need to replay first stage for many-many times before I can unlock new stage.
  9. chain94

    chain94 Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2014
    1. Took #19
    2. later
    3. later
  10. #10 m13, Apr 14, 2019
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    1. Got #18. Thanks.
    2. My immediate impression was that the graphics and sound effects are very well made. After some in depth playing, I can appreciate that there is an added 3D element to the whack-a-mole style arcade game where you can hit both poachers with one shot if they are same distance from you but not if one is closer and the other is further away. Clever.
    3. First there seems to be a bug where you will kill the baby gorilla if you shoot at the poacher in the bottom left screen when the baby gorilla is crawling from left to right, even when he is already half way across the screen. I recommend adding different types of poachers with different movement patterns and resistance to shots rather than just the same character that gets harder to shoot down as you level up. Additional endangered species with different behavior will help mix things up as well.

    Thanks for the contest. I tried to reach the last map but ran out of time... Here is my high score.

  11. SwagWin2011

    SwagWin2011 Member

    Apr 9, 2019
    I've been playing this over the past week so here is my review so far:

    1. I really like that the idea behind it is to bring awareness to people about something that they probably don't think about. It definitely should focus mostly on this.
    I actually liked the bonus level. It was really silly.

    2. The gameplay probably needs some work. Just tapping can get really boring quick. It feels the same each time and it starts to take a ton of bananas to get new weapons.
    One suggestion is to make it easier to know where you are aiming, maybe by pressing and holding, dragging your finger to aim, and then releasing your finger to do the attack. I think that would make it a bit more fun and challenging. Would also like it to be more responsive with my taps instead of having the delay each time you attack.
    Also it wouldn't hurt to add a bit more variety of gameplay instead of just the one game type and bonus level. Mix it up a bit.
    It would be nice to get rewards for playing daily. Maybe that will help get you bananas quicker.

    This game has a lot of potential. Please keep improving it. Will post my score when the time comes :)
  12. SwagWin2011

    SwagWin2011 Member

    Apr 9, 2019
    It said I was level 4. Not sure if I got very far but it seems to take awhile to make progress lol

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  13. stevepyoung

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    Jul 29, 2014
    Indie app developer.
    Bay Area, CA

    Regarding the "bug" can you tell us which scene / landscape and weapon you were using when you encountered the bug?
  14. Grimmsworth

    Grimmsworth Active Member

    May 29, 2016
    1. Took #20

    2. I loved the cartoonish graphics and the poachers' funny faces. Using sticks as a weapon is a really hilarious take on defending your turf as a gorilla. Upgrading your arsenal makes the game fun and interesting with different melee weapons and guns at your disposal.

    I also love how the game raises awareness on today's environmental issues. Playing from a gorilla's perspective effectively shows how our actions affect animals in our world, from poaching for game to cutting of wide forests that affect their living habitat. This game really sends an important message.

    3. The theme of the game is spot-on but there are a lot of technical issues for me. First of all, as a first person shooter the stick at the start is a hard weapon to use. It’s sluggish. You have to time things at the exact moment to make the shot. It makes the game more challenging but I think that it gives a lagging effect.

    Next is the enemies multiplying. The poachers sometimes add up in front of each other, with the first poacher blocking the second and the second blocking the third and so on. If the poacher at the back is targeting you, you can’t defend yourself from it and all the meat shields the shooter has in front.

    Lastly, the walking poachers are hard to target when they are walking in the middle area. I tried my best to time it right but the shot always misses.

    I haven’t tried a lot of the guns and other weapons in the game but from what I have played through, it's really hard from the beginning.

    Thank you
  15. Sure. Sent you a pm.
  16. stevepyoung

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    Jul 29, 2014
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    Hey guys, here are the winners!

    Grimmsworth, m13, SwagWin2011, hisownsidekick

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