100$ -> Halloween Nightmare Contest

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  1. CasualFridayGames

    CasualFridayGames Well-Known Member

    First winner

    Thank you all for participating in our contests!

    It was great reading all of your Nightmare. Most of them were funny, scary and disturbing! If you win, please use the money to see a therapist ;)

    The first winner of the Ranking Contest is: RaptorF22 on Openfeint (RaptorF35 here). Raptor did just over 5 millions points!! AMAZING!

    Raptor PM me please.

    More winner tomorrow!

  2. Rblacula

    Rblacula Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2010
    Congrats Raptor!
  3. GaiaIllusion

    GaiaIllusion Well-Known Member

    May 6, 2009
    Just sayin', but we'll probably end up having nightmares that there isn't an app in the AppStore for that.
  4. CasualFridayGames

    CasualFridayGames Well-Known Member

    2nd Winner: TA Contest

    Our second winner, for TA is....

    Remember "Ace Ventura 2"? My worst nightmare is coming out of a rhino's butt like Ace Ventura...but a REAL rhino, not a fake one.

    Yes it is you jjjmedia

    Congrats jjj !! And please, PM me your email address!

    Btw, it is not too late to participate in the Appstore contest... the winner for that contest will be announce Friday!
  5. Foozelz

    Foozelz Well-Known Member

    You guys should add a YouTube contest.
  6. CasualFridayGames

    CasualFridayGames Well-Known Member


    Our third winner, for the Facebook contest is Xavier Sepulveda with...

    ‎"Once, I had a dream that There was a turkey just out of my reach and I was starved.... I woke up and stuffed myself" Xavier

    I will announce the winner of the Tweet contest next!
  7. songbird

    songbird Well-Known Member

    Dec 4, 2009
    When will the twitter winner be annouced? :)
  8. CasualFridayGames

    CasualFridayGames Well-Known Member

    Winners were announce last week... sorry I have not posted the last winner here.

    4th winner for the twitter contest was Andrea .

    5th winner for the appstore contest was Ross Spencer.
  9. Rblacula

    Rblacula Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2010

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