[100% FREE] Happy Pet Balance( by Happy Labs)

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    Which is heavier? A pot of plants or Professor Albert? A holiday giftbox or 3 fishes? Let's find out! All is not as simple as it seems!
    Figure out each object's mass using the weighing scales and select the heaviest item! As more stages are cleared, more weighing scales and objects will be added! Happy Pet Balance is a fun brain training game that keeps you on your toes. Time is ticking. Think fast, act fast!

    - Free and playable offline. No in-app purchase, no internet connection required.
    - Brain teaser! Test your logical and critical thinking skills. Improve your algebra (math) and science!
    - Use power-ups to boost your high score!
    - Compare scores with your friends!
    - Discover new Happy Pet content! Made for all ages

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