[100$ Contest] matchUpicture March contest

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    Feb 14, 2019
    We’ve just released our app called matchUpicture - Photo Riddles.
    In order to attract new players - we’ve decided to start a contest.

    There’s official in-app Ranking available to view by everyone. The best players at the end of March will receive rewards:
    • 50$ for the most points gathered
    • 25$ for the most games played
    • 25$ for the most games uploaded
    It’s possible for one user to win all three rewards and get 100$ by himself. We’ll send the rewards via PayPal.

    You can find more info and official rules here:


    Here’s example Ranking screen:


    matchUpicture is a simple puzzle app, similar to classic hangman game.

    Rules are simple: You have to guess the Secret Phrase based on the picture and it’s category.
    After every few minutes we will reveal next piece of the picture and some letters as well.

    Grab the app for free from App Store and start playing:


    Good luck and let the best match win!

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