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    Sep 1, 2010
    iControlPlayer is released today, I create iControlPlayer is because I need such one, as I'm learning English using iTunes Podcast. iControlPlayer has a much flexible control to iPod music player, so that you can listen one episode several times then play the next episode, you don't need to tap the iPhone/iPod again and again.

    here is the description:
    Are you learning a foreign language? If yes, then you may need this app.
    Do you want more flexible control than iPod Music Player? If yes, then you may need this app.
    I'm learning english using my iPod Touch, and downloaded some podcasts from iTunes. But I found that, I need to
    listen each episode several times to understand it completely, I cannot find such function to repeat an episode
    several times then play the next one, so I develop one myself.

    iControlPlayer provides more flexible control to play any audio items.
    With iControlPlayer, you can:

    1. Select audio items from iPod Library, like podcasts, songs, also you choose an album, so that in the future,
    if new audio added, it will be played automatically.

    2. Set repeat rule. you can decide how to repeat each audio items, for example, repeat each audio item 3 times,
    or repeat every 2 audio items 3 times.

    3. Set audio item rule. This is very useful when you need to repeat what's said in the audio item. for each audio item, you can let it pause a few seconds for every N seconds. for example, when the audio is teaching how to read words, the speed is about 5 seconds a word, so you can set to pause 3 seconds for every 5 seconds, then you can repeat each word after 5 seconds.
    Note: If pause time is wrong from start, this happened sometimes for the first audio item in an Audio Controller, please drag the progress to the start of the audio, then it's fixed.

    4. Show lyrics. If you add lyrics to audio item, iControlPlayer can show lyrics while playing the audio.

    5. Save the Audio Controller, so that you can play the audios next time directly.

    There are three concepts you need to understand:
    1. Audio Controller:
    An Audio Controller is a virtual container, contains the audio items to play, and rules to play the audio items.

    2. Repeat Rule:
    It's the repeat strategy for all audio items in an Audio Controller, decided how to repeat each audio item.

    3. Pause Rule:
    It's the pause strategy for each audio item.

    If you encounter any problem or have any good ideas, please feel free to contact me via 'Feedback' in the app, any feedback or suggestion is appreciated.

    You can find more information in the website: http://www.elivingstore.com

    here is the codes:

    If you think it's useful, please help to vote it and write a review, thanks very much.

    If you could not get code, you can try to send me a message or email me at [email protected], maybe I've some left.
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    Thank you! I used PHAWEPL4NJA4.

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