$10 iTunes - review FREE Groupro - Deal Alerts for Groupon App

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    Hi everyone,

    Groupro is our first app. Thank you for your reviews and honest feedback. We really appreciate it.:)

    Quick Summary:

    Pick your favorite Groupon categories and we will send you brand new deals every morning. It's a huge time saver compared to browing the Grouoon app which is not sorted very well. More features to come.


    We are giving away a $10 iTunes gift card on August 15th. Numbers will be assigned to reviewers in the order they are received(1st reviewer: 1, 2nd: 2, etc.), then we will use a random number generator to pick the winner.

    How to enter:

    1. Download the free app: https://appsto.re/us/KHr74.i

    2. Write a short review on the iTunes App Store

    3. Reply to this thread, with your iTunes review name

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