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46 To Shinjuku Medialab, S.L.
★★★★★ Top Rankings on strategy games: Top 1 in 33 countries! Top 5 in 61 countries! Top 10 in 65 countries! Top 100 in 7…
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★★★★★ Top Rankings on strategy games: Top 1 in 33 countries! Top 5 in 61 countries! Top 10 in 65 countries! Top 100 in 73 countries! ¡And all this thanks to all of you! ★★★★★ If you liked the game and want new updates keep coming please rate this application with 5 stars :) ★★★★★ Game Center integrated for the Survival Mode! ★★★★★ In Inkub you are responsible for the defense of the incubators. Every incubator is connected to a life support system by means of transparent carbon tubes. For years, different organisms, viruses and bacteria, have formed colonies that attack the species in each incubator. Your objective is to repel the attacks of these organisms and keep the eggs in the incubators safe. To do this you have an arsenal of weapons, mines and blockers available. Adventure In the Adventure Mode you will be in charge of the incubators for 40 rounds spread across 5 different worlds. Each world has 8 rounds in which you will unlock weapons, special powers and enemies. Survival Choose a scenario amongst the 5 available and try to keep your incubator safe as long as possible. Each new wave of enemies will be tougher and you will need all your skills to achieve the best scores. Product Features 3 different difficulty levels have been prepared so that you can adjust the game to you ability. 5 different Worlds, each of them containing 8 rounds. A total of 40 rounds full of action. Beat the record in each one of the game worlds in the Survival Mode, where each wave is stronger than the previous one. With an innovative play system, use your fingers to rotate the level perspectives and access the rear tubes. Discover special rounds where you must crush the enemies. Up to 21 enemy feature variations available. Up to 20 variations in all of the weapons at your disposal. Files: Review enemies and weapons in the Learn more about each of the available weapons and the enemy features. Unlock weapons, enemies and play modes as you pass each one of the Adventure Mode rounds. Devices: recommended on 4th generation iPhone and iPod.
Seller:46 To Shinjuku Medialab, S.L.
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Oct 20, 2010
Updated:Apr 25, 2011
Size:25.0 MB
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