Android [$1.49 CAD] Astrovoid, Endless asteroid dodging madness!

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    Nov 15, 2019
    Hello Gamers!

    My name is Nate, I'm running a small gaming startup called Harms Way Software and today I am pleased to show off our first premium mobile game! Our focus is on bringing high quality games to the Android platform and using user feedback as our compass. As such, hearing your opinions is of huge importance to the progress of my little company. Astrovoid is our second published game and I am quite proud of the results, our work is never done however, and we are looking to the community as a guide for where to take this game next. I would love to hear your feedback, even if it's just based on the trailer. We hope you enjoy the game!

    Now on to the game itself:


    Astrovoid drops you in the cockpit of one of many futuristic space racers to test your reflexes against the unforgiving asteroid belt. Try and survive as long as you can, gathering points along the way to purchase new ships later! featuring: A completely procedurally generated environment with limitless possible formations and reactions. Smart levelling system that will change the asteroid belt as you fly. Several ships to choose from and unlock, all with unique abilities. Online Highscores to challenge your friends, the game is still young, place high in the rankings today!


    - 6 Unique ships, some with special abilities with more being released often.
    - 2 Beautiful environments to fly through.
    - Online highscores.
    - Procedurally generated asteroid fields.
    - Fracturing asteroids and ships for awesome destruction.
    - Professional soundtrack
    - No in app purchases ever, ships are earned.
    - No ads ever.
    - More being added all the time!

    Features currently being developed
    - Custom ship builder
    - All new defend the fleet mode
    - New environments
    - More varied space debris such as destroyed ships

    This project intends to take user suggestions very seriously, please leave some feedback or alternatively send us suggestions at [email protected]. If we use your suggestion, we will acknowledge you for it in the game!

    This game is indie developed and published.

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