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    "Geoff was a joy to work with and very patient with my lack of musical knowledge, not to mention very fast and his work speaks for itself. I highly recommend him!"

    - Razz, Studio Head, Razzart Visual (Game: Starlight Vega, Role: Lead Composer)


    Are you looking for a committed, creative and friendly game composer who is truly passionate about game development and delivers high quality custom music on time, every time?

    My online portfolio features:

    • Music in various genres and styles, from modern/cinematic to retro-inspired
    • Score to picture examples (cutscene/trailer scoring)
    • Soundtrack credits and excerpts for various Steam and Itch released titles
    • Information about me and how I work, with multiple contact methods
    • Testimonials from my happy clients, and art from their awesome games


    Update: Since I've recently wrapped up a few projects, I'm currently offering free demos for indie devs and small studios! This is a great opportunity to discuss your musical direction and see how a tailored soundtrack could benefit your game.

    More details on my website.


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