£1500 of travel vouchers to be won: The TRANSPORT TYCOON 20th Anniversary Competition

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    Do you have what it takes to be the world's top Tycoon?
    Play our special anniversary competition level and find out!

    Real world prizes to be won for those with the highest company performance indexes:

    - 3 x £500 (Great British Pounds or equivalent) Travel vouchers designed for use as travel money.
    - 30 x Transport Tycoon branded back-packs for the runners-up

    To participate in the competition you need to register at http://competition.transporttycoon.com/register.php - remember to read the Terms and Conditions! Next, check your copy of Transport Tycoon is up to date (iTunes AppStore v1.2.0+, Google Play v0.27.3010+ or Amazon v1.27.3010+). In the game, choose the Expert tab and the '20th Anniversary Competition' scenario and follow the instructions.

    You're aiming to get the highest Performance Index you can in 20 in-game years. Once the in-game date hits November 2014 your score will be submitted. You can play through the scenario as many times as you like, we'll only count your best attempt.

    You've got until the (real world) 30th November to enter - make sure any entry in progress is finished by then. Enjoy!
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    Just a quick bump with ten days left on the competition - plenty of time for a few runs through the special scenario!

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