Universal “No Ninja Turtle Dies” Chapter, sure coming to iOS this month.

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    Jul 21, 2014
    It finally comes the day that No Ninja Turtle Dies upgrade finished.
    No Ninja Turtle Dies is, according to Yiyi Studios, significantly improved graphics including updates to characters animations and player mode and more. Taking place in a new setting, with new maps, scenes, enemies and upgrades. Taking into consideration of players’ advice, No Ninja Turtle Dies followed the style of its previous version to put more of its focus on high fantasy.

    No Ninja Turtle Dies does little in terms of gameplay to differentiate itself from its predecessors. But in terms of its graphics and game experience, this time, it is obviously better. Admittedly, the first version did not satisfy most of the players, but this time around you’ll find yourself be enjoyable.
    No Ninja Turtle Dies was firstly released on Aug 19 last year on App Store and Oct, 23 on Google Play. It was more than 5 months before the upgraded version is finally finished. Have Yiyi Studios done a fantastic job delivering fans the previous version exactly what they wanted? Just get it to have try.

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