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  • • Don't post multiple threads on the same topic or app.
  • • Don't post in the WRONG forum (eg: "iPhone games" is for released games only).
  • • Use a descriptive title (not: "Help") and avoid adding temporary labels which will need to be renamed again in the near future, like "out now".
  • • Don't post referral links to other sites (eg: to earn free apps).
  • • Developers are welcome to post app announcements, but please identify yourself as the developer.
  • • Keep threads on topic - obviously, things can stray onto related topics, but we've seen threads stray into personal and irrelevant topics.
  • • Don't bump threads. This applies not only to posts that say "bump" but to those with the intent to bump.
  • • Please post in English. Despite our international audience, this is an English language site.
  • • Threads for swapping in-game items are okay.
  • • Don't copy/paste entire articles from other sites. Please always link to the original source.

Self Promotion:
  • • Don't post advertisements for websites/blogs/podcasts/youtube-channels/Facebook/etc on the site (Signature links are acceptable within reason). Self-promotion is strictly prohibited.
  • • No selling. Don't promote or arrange monetary transactions via this site, as things can get messy when real money is involved. eg: No selling source code.
  • • Don't promote or spam any pledge-funding links eg: Kickstarter or Indie Go-go. You may include a subtle link to Kickstarter in your "upcoming" thread and signature.

Promo codes:
  • • Only developers may post promo code giveaways for their games.
  • • Don't beg/ask for promo codes, beta testing or gifted apps unless invited by the developer.

Ethics and behaviour:
  • • Don't insult people - if you can't keep yourself from insulting others, you don't belong here.
  • Don't sass the moderators and/or TouchArcade staff.
  • • Please avoid correcting spelling and grammar. English is not the native language for many people, and grammar discussion does not really add anything of substance to most discussions.
  • • Don't post fake announcements or impersonate individuals or companies.
  • • Fake / shill accounts will result in a site-wide ban of the site, product or developer. Don't do this, it just makes your game look bad.
  • • No piracy. Discussion about piracy in the abstract is acceptable. But links or how-to's or where to get pirated software/ROMs will quickly result in banning.
  • • Please keep language PG-13.
  • • Don't use multiple accounts to vote in polls, enter in contests, or otherwise disrupt the forums or promotions taking place on the forums.
  • • Use of proxies (VPNs) is prohibited.

  • • Don't encourage ad blocking and referral stripping. The site exists due to ads.
  • • Don't encourage conspiracy theories regarding paid reviews, under-handed deals, and similar things. If you have questions, check out our advertising and editorial policies.

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