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  1. Karthick Chandrasekaran
    Karthick Chandrasekaran
    App Growth Influencer | App Store Optimizer | Game Marketer | Growth Hacker | User Acquisition Professional (Mobile App) | App Marketer
  2. ncewsnally
  3. Lee yongjin
  4. vandamw
    Current OS: iOS 12.1.2 Device name: iPhone 5S 16GB Native language: English Favorite games: PC - Hotline Miami 1&2 / Mobile - Wanted Killer
  5. Cream Soda
  6. Eriic520
    Eriic520 Blue Steel
    Hi, Blue, are you still seeking the person who could remake your vampire game? If so, please contact me by email: Thanks
  7. Joel Rochon
    Joel Rochon squarezero
    Hi squarezero. I saw the write up you did for my game BACKFIRE, thank you for the kind words. Was wondering if I could quote you in the press kit I'm putting together?
    1. squarezero
      No problem. Good luck with the game — it’s excellent!
      Jan 19, 2019 at 3:43 PM
  8. Joel Rochon
    Joel Rochon
    I'm the developer of the IOS and Android game BACKFIRE.
  9. Luci0
    Luci0 undeadking
    I’d love to test your game! is my iOS TestFlight thanks!
  10. namestolen
    namestolen hellerphant

    I write for 148Apps and am interested in checking out your new game. Care to send me some more info at
  11. usagi2016
    usagi2016 Eli
    Hi Eli, can we announce an upcoming android game on toucharcade forum?
  12. saansilt
    saansilt JCho133
    Cho cho! You are well known!
    1. JCho133
      Wow! Long time no see. I’ve been outta the loop for a few years now because my phone wasn’t up to snuff. Back and better than ever now though! Hope you’re well.
      Jan 15, 2019
  13. MaloyaGames
    Talk with us!
  14. NikPlay2033
    NikPlay2033 Foolish Mortal
    Hello! Can I test immortal Rogue, please?) my email:
    iPad Air)
  15. Azat
    Azat Foolish Mortal
    I want to participatein testing Immortal Rogue. iPhone X, ver. 12.1.2
    Apple ID:
  16. Yury Cat
    Yury Cat anthony78
    Sure! Here's a promocode to Look over the Edge
  17. AmReY
    AmReY Foolish Mortal
    I would to test this awesome one ...
    Email :
  18. Jeff Walters
    Jeff Walters Foolish Mortal
    Would love to test this out for you on android if possible, have galaxy note 9, email is
  19. josumart
    josumart Foolish Mortal
    Hi! I’d like to test inmortal rogue! iPhone XS word iOS 12.1.3 installed. Email is
  20. MrDrizzit
    MrDrizzit Foolish Mortal
    Sorry I messed up the thread. Pretty new to this but love rougelikes. Pretty much my favorite genre. I have I-pad mini 2 with the newest IOS. Email is Hope you pick me.