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  1. Raul GD
    Raul GD
    Most likely sleeping or studying
  2. Raul GD
    Raul GD
    I like anime and games
  3. Grist
    Grist Jane Wang
    I am enjoying your game, but would enjoy it much more if the button for ad removal was working. Nothing happens when I touch that button. The ads are extremely annoying so I would be very happy to pay for their removal.
  5. MAS3D
    Working on New games for more fun :)
    ROGER-NL erikrask
    Hi erik nice to see you here too, I am also 5 years member he he.
  7. Qing Yu
  8. Dezeiraud
    Nous sommes tous des créateurs - We are all creators.
  9. Engjell Berisha
    Engjell Berisha
    Hey check my new Android Game :)
  10. Engjell Berisha
    Engjell Berisha
    Hey , First post in this forum :)
  11. Lull4by
    My Game Center ID is Lull2by if you are interested.
  12. Eric Crichlow
    Eric Crichlow
    Probably knee-deep in Xcode working on some grand idea.
  13. hellscaretaker
    hellscaretaker Daysleeper82
    ghostbuster world pre-order on ios for oct 22
    1. Daysleeper82
      Thank you so much,Really Appreciate That.
      Oct 5, 2018
  14. radiangames
    Working on iOS games again (finally!).
  15. vectorarchitekt
    vectorarchitekt undeadking
    Can I test your game? Looks good

    1. undeadking
      thanks for your interest! I will send you the testflight when the version is available!
      Oct 8, 2018
  16. Cytokine
  17. TrackingMouse
    I'm a sneaky mouse, who likes to track… Will you be the next one whom I follow?
  18. Slimoky
    Working on Astro Tales...
  19. pathogen541
    pathogen541 henrycupcake
    I’ve got nothing left to say you self entitled little bitch. Have a nice life. If I see you shit talking in the forums gurantee I’ll do everything I can to see you banned
  20. pathogen541
    pathogen541 henrycupcake
    Again, my point is this: you’d get a lot further with people and developers if you were communicating in a fashion that wasnt openly disrespectful. You aren’t anyone special dude. Get over yourself.