‘Monster Hunter Now’ Version 68.1 Update Out Now Has Interface Improvements To Access Hunt-a-Thons, Ordering Changes, Camera Zoom Being Saved, and More

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Niantic and Capcom have begun revealing more from the Monster Hunter Now (Free) Descent of the Azure King event due next week. Ahead of that event, a new game update has gone live on iOS and Android with some interface improvements and fixes. If you’ve been playing lately and avoiding Hunt-a-thons like I have in some cases, it has been annoying to tap a point of interest near the Hunt-a-thon, but the game taking you to the Hunt-a-thon. This has been adjusted in addition to the accessible range. Niantic also changed the equipment and material ordering to match the ordering in the Monster Guide. Item Box expansions have been named better now for the price ranges as well. The best change is the zoom feature being saved for the game now. The starting position of hunters in the beginning of a hunt is also fixed now for large monsters.

The issues that have been addressed in this update have to do with group hunts not starting, poisoned status not being canceled correctly, and sleep state damage boost not working correctly. While this is a good update, I’m still waiting for Hunt-a-thons to be rebalanced for solo play. If you are planning to start playing the game, I put together some (newly updated) tips and tricks for the game, details on the weapons, special skills, the current monsters list, my wishlist for future update monsters, and more. You can grab Monster Hunter Now on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. The in app purchases include different sets of gems and upgrades. Check out the official website here. What do you think of Monster Hunter Now if you’ve been playing it and what do you think of today’s update?

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