‘Rovio Classics: Angry Birds’ Being Delisted on Android This Week, iOS Version To Be Renamed Pending Further Review

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Following an announcement from November 2021, Rovio brought back the original Angry Birds in the form of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on iOS and Android. This premium release was a snapshot of a different time on the App Store, and also preserved a classic. Sadly, today Rovio has announced that it is delisting the Android version of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds this Thursday and it will be renaming the iOS version pending further review. I’m not confident in the iOS version remaining on the App Store much longer given this statement, and this news is definitely disappointing. It will have been less than a year since it launched as well.

If you’ve wanted to play the original Angry Birds on modern iOS devices, you can grab Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on the App Store for $0.99. Keep in mind that it may not be available for much longer, but the announcement says you will be able to play it after it is delisted. Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. I thought we would eventually get more of Rovio’s older games as they were back in the day through this campaign, but the company has something else in mind sadly. Make sure to check out our forum thread for Rovio Classics: Angry Birds here. Did you play Rovio Classics: Angry Birds or the original game back in the day or will you be buying it now while you still can?

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