Vampire Survivors-like 20 Minutes Till Dawn Has Been Updated To Bring In Controller Support and Offline Play on iOS

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If you’ve been paying attention to Steam at all in the last year, you likely know about the survival game top-down shooter hybrid Vampire Survivors that is in early access. The success and popularity of Vampire Survivors has led to many games to try and put their own spin on things. 20 Minutes Till Dawn ($4.99) is one of the better ones that I’ve been enjoying on mobile. 20 Minutes Till Dawn is in early access and available on Steam as well, but the aesthetic and design were good enough for me to just buy it to see how it felt. I’ve enjoyed it on my iPhone quite a bit recently. Today, publisher Erabit Studios and developer flanne pushed out an update to bring in controller support and full offline play support.

20 minutes till dawn controller support

The controller support is not complete right now. You can’t use your controller to control every single thing in the game, and will need to use the touchscreen for some things. Hopefully a future update brings in full controller support, because my DualSense didn’t let me pause or start a new game, but it worked fine during gameplay. The game had an online check or login that required internet, and that has now been removed so it is a true offline experience. As with Vampire Survivors, 20 Minutes Till Dawn is priced at about $2.99 or your regional equivalent. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here, Google Play for Android here, and also on Steam here. Head over to our forum thread for the game here for more discussion around the game on mobile. Have you played it yet on any platform?

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