The Original ‘Angry Birds’ Re-Released for 99 Cents with No IAP

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Back in November we told you about a grassroots campaign from Angry Birds fans to convince Rovio to bring back some of their earliest mobile games including the original Angry Birds. You see, those early Rovio games were built using outdated technology, and eventually some of them became incompatible with the latest smartphone hardware and operating systems, thus leading to them being pulled from the various app stores. Over the past few years, Angry Birds fans have started up a campaign called #BringBack2012 to signal to Rovio that they’d like the original Angry Birds game back, preferably the 2012 version when many consider the game was at its peak of perfection. The campaign was successful at getting the attention of Rovio, who promised to seriously look into bringing back the original Angry Birds. Today they’ve come through on that promise with the release of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on iOS and Android.

Now, if you owned the original Angry Birds way back in the day, this is actually a completely new release so that means you’ll need to re-purchase this new version. But… it’s only 99¢, and this was in fact rebuilt from scratch in Unity in order to work on new hardware, which was undoubtedly a huge amount of work. If that isn’t worth a buck to you I don’t know what to say. It is such a refreshing feeling playing this original Angry Birds again. It’s like a time machine trip back to a simpler time in mobile gaming, before endless IAP, social hooks, and grinding. Just a whole truck load of levels to try to 3 star with just your skill and the endearingly wonky Angry Birds physics engine on your side. So if you want to time travel to the good times of 2012, or perhaps if you came into mobile gaming late and somehow missed out on the phenomenon that was the original Angry Birds, then check out this new reissue Rovio Classics: Angry Birds.

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